About Us

We Know Our Stuff


 We’ve been serving the San Diego and Orange County areas for over 15 years now, providing consultations, support, education, security, and a host of other technical services to our clients.   

We work to make your business run smoothly, and to provide solutions to the technical problems that distract from what’s most important to you: running your business. 

We're Here to Help


Not just provide a quick patch-up.  We’re experts at analyzing the needs of your business, implementing solutions, and then working with you to maintain the integrity of your systems.   

Technology keeps moving forward.  So does your business.   

So does ours. 


  • Consulting
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrades/Purchases
  • Networking
  • Internet Setup
  • Security
  • Education
  • Remote Support


  • Remote Monitoring and Updates
  • Backup Scheduling, Testing, and Monitoring
  • Virus scan setup and monitoring
  • Server and error log monitoring
  • Servers and workstations configured for remote access
  • Firewall configuration and monitoring
  • All servers and workstation software patched up and brought to current industry standards
  • Schedule On-Site Visits



  • $100 flat rate for consultation/diagnostic  
  • $80/hour for repair services
  • $80 per visit for maintenance


  • $100 flat rate for consultation/diagnostic
  • $100/hour for repair services
  • $140/hour for networking
  • Variable rates for networking, determined by client needs

An additional driving fee of $35 o $65 added per visit, depending on distance.