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Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I suddenly getting all these popups?

Myspace and other communities where links are shared commonly are the international airports of the internet. Adult entertainment sites, personal websites, links in emails, and poor security software/settings can also lead to malware infections which cause constant popups. Be careful what you click.

What is that buzzing/clicking sound coming from the front of my computer?

Probably your hard drive. Hopefully you are backing up your data. However, if you are lucky, it could also just be a fan that’s going bad in the front of your case.

My mouse is tracking poorly, what is wrong?

If your optical mouse is not tracking properly, you probably need an appropriate mouse pad, as the surface you are on is likely the problem. If it is a wireless mouse, the problem could be the distance between the mouse and the transmitter. If you have a mouse that uses a ball, try an optical mouse; pets and dusty environments can clog such mice even faster than normal.



Computers, Operating systems and Peripherals

Do you recommend printing pictures at home?

No, given the cost of the ink and paper, in addition to the quality of the result, you are better off having the pictures done at Walgreens, Walmart or Costco.

Why do you like Dell?

While Dells are not amazing gaming machines, they provide an excellent balance of affordability, warranty support (especially with next day, on-site), and functionality. Most can also run or be downgraded easily to Windows XP.

What is the deal with Macs?

Good for graphics and audio professionals, great support with warranty, poor hardware upgrades, poor interfacing with PCs in an office environment, poor remote access capabilities, lack of software selection (except with vmware). Price for hardware and software is higher than equivalent for PCs. Support can be troublesome when you are located far from a Mac store.

What operating systems do you like?

XP has been out long enough to be stable and is compatible with most peripherals and software. Vista is being discontinued by Microsoft around Christmas of 2009 due to compatibility and sluggish performance issues. Windows 7 is looking promising!

Which ISP should I use?

There are no hard and fast rules, but we generally prefer DSL and fiber optic over cable, unless you have a good bundling service with cable.



Do I need to backup?

Only if you want to save your data when your hard drive (data) eventually dies. Redundancy is the best protection!

Why do people use access controls?

These help prevent users without authorization from installing software or accessing confidential/private information. This can include office workers and children. Children can further be restricted through parental control software that will make certain websites inaccessible and record logs of activities.

How can I access my office computers from home or in the field?

With appropriate software and/or router, you can access remote systems using high speed connections from virtually any Windows computer running XP or later operating systems.

Do I need a server?

Basic servers can store information and distribute it to workstations; more advanced servers allow roaming profiles so that individuals can securely access desktop/documents on any system and these servers can host programs that can be accessed from any workstation. Advanced servers can even host email servers and websites.

Do I need to turn my computer off?

It depends on how long you run your computer each day. Starting and stopping the computer frequently can often cause more problems than simply leaving it running. Older computer systems can suffer damage even more easily from the temperature stress of starting up. Business computers should usually be left on at night in order to back up files and defragment after hours.

Do I have enough network security?

Anyone should have at least basic router security to prevent easy access to systems on their network. Businesses, in addition to a quality router, should have enough restricted access to maintain the confidentiality of client information. Good routers can also be helpful for checking up on how employees are using their computers.

Should I eat around my computer?

Preferably not, liquids have a special tendency to get into places they don’t belong. Cleaning things out of your keyboard is not worth your time or money, unless you are trying to avoid work.

How important is my posture and appropriate ambient lighting?

It is important to maintain a comfortable and non-stressful posture when holding a particular position for long periods of time. Poor lighting can degrade your eyesight and eventually lead to vision problems.